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About the Author

My great adventure with this book began when I received a very brief, sketchy family history from a cousin. After her husband died, Aunt Faye was feeling sentimental and shared some family memories with her daughter Sandra, who made a brief copy of a history and sent it out to her cousins. What a story- never heard before! Settled first in the USA? I couldn’t resist going after more details.

I had many adventures and was assisted by many wonderful people, on trips to Kentucky and other US points, Ottawa Archives etc, many other archives and many persons in Canada. I made two trips to Norway and was treated very well by relatives and a highly respected expert on Norwegian heritage. It was so interesting and great fun. When the book was near completion I sent several proposals out to publishers and had some positive replies, but then I heard from Borealis Press I had an offer for publication! They were wonderful people to work with.

Unfortunately, when the book was being prepared for publication I had an unfortunate series of health problems. It wasn’t that I had such poor health; it was problems with medical mishaps. That is another story in itself, and a sad one for me. I was only able to do a minimal amount of promotion, but even then I did get some excellent comments sent back to me. I have always wanted to have a new website and introduce my book to selected potential readers. Today, I have finally managed to get the website done with the assistance of a very talented and patient website designer. It is with great pleasure that I present my website and my book to readers who may have an interest in the story I have written.

Thanks to those very special people