Gustav Rosseland as a young sailor, circa 1890 Gustav, Bunbury, Australia 1902 Aquila Gustav & Anna Wedding September 23, 1903 1903-Family-at-Rosseland Eilert Rosseland Skara Inger Marie Rosseland home 1908 Rosseland-farm-1923

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" absolutely wonderful book… certainly history told through a great story ...particularly enjoyed the saga of your Uncle Arnold Roseland in the RCAF from the Aleutians through the UK and to France…a poignant event of the town of St Martin de Mailloc dedicating his monument..."
Alexander MacKinnon

"...Just a note to say how very much I am enjoying your book... have found its contents most interesting... It brings back many fond memories of my war years in England and the continent..."
B.D. 'Dal' Russel, DS, DFC and Bar
Squadron Leader of 442(F) when it was formed in 1943, and Squadron Leader again in the spring of 1944, in time for D-Day.

Dear Old Norway
(Norway - 19th century until 1903) - Synopsis

Selected Readings: Chapter 1

"I will find my way home, as long as I am alive"

"Even if this ship took me to Siberia, I would still find my way home, as long as I am alive." The sailing ship Aquila was in the harbour at Little Bay, Jamaica, in 1903.

Page 10
In the 1890s, the Norwegian government appointed a commission to study the huge loss of sailing ships, and came up with some astonishing figures....

Page 19-21
On April 14, 1901, the Aquila was in harbour at Cape Town, South Africa. The harbour was greatly congested with ships bringing troops from the Dominions, and war supplies....

Later, the British herded Afrikaner women and children into concentration camps, where thousands died.

Chapter 2

"The Dear Fatherland"

Page 40
Waves of high birth rates had followed the large number of births after 1814. Europe was free of the famine, pestilence and disease that usually accompanied war.

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"America Fever" had been rampant in Norway since the first emigrants left about 1850....

Young Norwegians admired America for the democracy and the freedom implied by the American Constitution.... ....America truly appeared to be a land of opportunity.

When Gustav left for America in May 1904, Anna was pregnant, expecting her child in June. She remained.